Bal Sansar

The Children’s Literature Promotion Centre, Bal Sansar, was set up with the objective of fostering an interest in reading among children. After initial support provided by UNICEF for two years, Bal Sansar has now come into its own and is working towards its goals by:

• Putting together a collection of children’s books published within Nepal (including those in Nepali from India);
• Evaluating the books collected;
• Securing reprint rights of those meeting Bal Sansar’s standards;
• Encouraging writers to come up with original as well as translated works for children; and
• Selling and distributing children’s literature.


Bal Sansar publishes children’s books that are carefully chosen for different age groups and tastes. So far, Bal Sansar has published 15 books, both original and translated, and 1 children’s literature catalogue. Bal Sansar is also working towards reprinting books that have been out of print.



One of the most fruitful activities of Bal Sansar has been the exhibition of children’s books in various parts of the country. Since such exhibitions were the first ever to be held in Nepal, the response has very encouraging both from children and their parents. Bal Sansar has organized 10 exhibitions in Kathmandu Valley, and another 24 in 20 urban centres across the country. However, because of the present situation of the country these exhibitions have been suspended temporarily.



Bal Sansar has collected all the available Nepali children’s literature, had them evaluated by a panel of experts and compiled the best in a colourful bibliography. A total of 346 books were collected, and of the available ones, 250 were evaluated and the best 100 chosen for the catalogue. The books listed in the bibliography are sold and distributed by Bal Sansar.


Not to limit its activities to the Kathmandu Valley alone, Bal Sansar has set up a network of 20 agents outside the Kathmandu Valley for the propagation and sale of children’s literature. Apart from the books that Bal Sansar has published, more than 300 children’s books are available for purchase through Bal Sansar. Orders can be placed by telephone or by fax. Bal Sansar has also put together gift packs of children’s books for different age groups - 4-7, 8-11, 12-16, and all ages - which are available from our outlet at Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur. A complete listing of the books in these gift packs can be accessed here.


Writers’ Workshops

Bal Sansar has organized workshops for writers who have been working on children’s literature and who have shown an active interest in it. Some of these workshops have focused on facilitating the translation of world children’s literature into Nepali. Bal Sansar plans to give continuity to these activities.

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